Title: Link
Author: necro_omen13
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairings: None
Characters: Sam and Dean, mentions of Bobby and John
Warnings: Character death, suicide
Summary: Sam’s at Stanford when he feels searing pain in his stomach. Even 600 miles apart, he knows something’s wrong with Dean.
Authors Note: I was literally attacked by a plot bunny at 1am this morning and this was the product. Now, I live in Australia so some of the spelling might be different, I didn’t really check. Also, I don’t know how long it takes to get from point A to point B, so I researched a little and tried to make it plausible. Hope you enjoy. For a disclaimer, see my profile.

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Title: What Is And What Will Never Be

Episode: Despite the title, this is probably late season one, early season two.

Rating: K

Genre: Poetry/Angst

Summary: Dean has dreams and Dean has wishes, but deep down he's always known that they would never be. A poem regarding what Dean wants and his reflections on John.

A/N:Okie dokie, I’ve discovered that my previous stories are prose but it looks like this ones a poem. :P joy. Oh well, we can’t all write respectable pieces of work. Fic after cut.


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Title: Sealing the Deal

Episode: In My Time of Dying, missing scene

Rating: T for language

Genre: General/Humour

Summary: There was one aspect of the deal that John hadn’t counted on.

A/N: Okie dokie, here goes. This is my first entry on LJ and hopefully it's a good one. As my first entry, this fic is dedicated to savingfaith333 who convinced me to jump ship. Fic can be found below the cut.


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