This is a late St.Patrick's Day fanart of Dean/Cas, done for Veritas caus she wanted a kissing one.
Going to bed now.
Oh yeah, I used a base from deviantart which I'll properly credit later.

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Title: Life’s Questions

Fandom: Supernatural

Genre: General

Warnings: Not particularly, nobody actually dies in this fic; shock-horror! Pairings?....meebe.

Characters: Dean centric

Summary: If angels existed, did he have one watching over him?

Disclaimer: *sigh* Don’t own it (yet!) as is obvious by the fact that Ruby still lives.

A/N: This was written during the current bludge known as economics. I seem to be writing a lot of my fics in that class…

Okay, you guys know it's after the cut, right?

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Title: Identity

Fandom: Supernatural

Genre: Angst/General

Warnings: None, lots of Dean sympathy though.

Characters: Dean centric

Summary: When you define yourself by someone, who are you if they leave?

Disclaimer: Nup, Cas and Dean still aren’t officially together so I still don’t own ‘em.

A/N: This was written during the current bludge known as economics. The summary is what prompted the fic, that and a conversation with bhoney.

Like always, after the cut.

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WOOOO!!! Second installment!!! This has words H-K. Also, I've noticed that the pieces are getting longer. SP

Disclaimer: Nup, still don't own them.

*growls* LJ is pissing me off. It keeps making all the text either underlined, italic or bold. Bastards.

Fic after cut.
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A-Z Dictionary Challenge


Okay, the way this goes is I grabbed a dictionary and, starting with ‘a’, opened it up at a random page and without looking pointed to a word on the page. Once a word was picked I wasn’t allowed to change it, hence some of the weird words. After choosing a word I read the different definitions for it, and then either the word itself or the definitions would prompt me into writing something. Some of the words got incorporated into these pieces, and some didn’t. The pieces vary from relatively short (like three sentences) to a bit longer (few hundred words). The words that prompted the responses are shown, as is the definition, if any, that the writing relates to.

Disclaimer: I, unfortunately for me, do not own the mentioned characters or the show Supernatural. Both belong to their creator Eric Kripke. Which sucks, 'caus if I did own then Ruby would die a slow and painful death, the awesomeness that is Bobby would be in the show a hell of a lot more, Sam would not be the mega-emo-jerk he is at the moment and there would be  a large portion of the show dedicated to Dean and Cas...preferably 'together' if youcatch my drift. XD

This installment is words A-G, part two soon to follow. You can find the fic after the cut.


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Title: Link
Author: necro_omen13
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairings: None
Characters: Sam and Dean, mentions of Bobby and John
Warnings: Character death, suicide
Summary: Sam’s at Stanford when he feels searing pain in his stomach. Even 600 miles apart, he knows something’s wrong with Dean.
Authors Note: I was literally attacked by a plot bunny at 1am this morning and this was the product. Now, I live in Australia so some of the spelling might be different, I didn’t really check. Also, I don’t know how long it takes to get from point A to point B, so I researched a little and tried to make it plausible. Hope you enjoy. For a disclaimer, see my profile.

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Title: What Is And What Will Never Be

Episode: Despite the title, this is probably late season one, early season two.

Rating: K

Genre: Poetry/Angst

Summary: Dean has dreams and Dean has wishes, but deep down he's always known that they would never be. A poem regarding what Dean wants and his reflections on John.

A/N:Okie dokie, I’ve discovered that my previous stories are prose but it looks like this ones a poem. :P joy. Oh well, we can’t all write respectable pieces of work. Fic after cut.


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Title: Lamentation for the Angel

Rating: T

Genre: Tragedy/Poetry

Summary:  And so the fallen angel wept for his brother.

A/N: This was written as a kind of explanation for a picture I drew during the dreaded LIT class. The picture is Sam sitting with black leather wings, his head on his knees and surrounded by blood and feathers. I wrote it after I think the first two eps of season four. Fic can be found after the cut.


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