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Title: Life’s Questions

Fandom: Supernatural

Genre: General

Warnings: Not particularly, nobody actually dies in this fic; shock-horror! Pairings?....meebe.

Characters: Dean centric

Summary: If angels existed, did he have one watching over him?

Disclaimer: *sigh* Don’t own it (yet!) as is obvious by the fact that Ruby still lives.

A/N: This was written during the current bludge known as economics. I seem to be writing a lot of my fics in that class…

Okay, you guys know it's after the cut, right?

When Dean was two years old his mother started telling him that angels were watching over him.

When Dean was four and covered in soot he wondered where his angel was.

When Dean was twenty-eight and a case brought up the question of the existence of angels, Dean wondered whether his mother had been right or not.

If angels existed, did he have one watching over him?

When Dean was fourteen he lost his virginity to a girl three years older than him because she said she loved him.

When Dean was seventeen and confused he wondered what true love was.

When Dean was twenty-four and he had his heart broken in Missouri because of what he did for a living, he wondered if people were right about love.

If true love existed, would he ever find someone who loved him body and soul?

When Dean was six he watched John pull away in the Impala while he held Sammy in a salt-lined motel room.

When Dean was twenty-two and left staring at the back of Sam’s head as the bus pulled away, he wondered if Sam had left because of him.

When Dean was twenty-seven and in a dark room in Chicago, he wondered if people were wrong about family.

If family were meant to be the one constant in life, why did his always want to leave him? Would there ever be someone who wouldn’t leave him?

When Dean’s faith was shaken he wondered if there was an angel watching over him.

When Dean’s heart was broken he wondered if anyone would ever love him.

When Dean was abandoned yet again he wondered if there would ever be someone who would never leave him.

When Dean was twenty-nine and newly freed from the Pit, all his questions were answered in the form of a blue-eyed warrior of God.

I love angel-slash. Dean/Cas is now my OTP…just ahead of wincest.


Comments are like crack, extremely addictive and you get shaky when you don’t have any.

I think I'm gonna go ahead and blame this slight angel-slash on Faith. Her friggin wing!porn corrupted me...

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