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[Error: unknown template qotd]I haven't done one of these before but I thought "hey, what the hell" and here I go. You can find it after the cut.

As some may have already figured out my username, once translated, is 'death omen'. I originally got the 'necro' idea from a friends username on an online game 'Necro Onis' and the idea kinda grew when I watched 'The Chronicles of Riddick'. So, I thought for a bit and decided to make my username (for practically everything) necro omen13, a.k.a, death omen13. Gotta chuck the '13' in for good measure.

Unfortunately my username seems to have turned around and bitten me. Since I started using the name 'necro omen', I have lost such a ridiculous amount of favourite characters to death that I'm starting to think that I'm cursed. Seriously, here's the list of the ones I can remember:


In the anime 'Naruto' I have lost:
1) Haku
2) Zabuza
3) Deidara
4) Sasori
5) Hidan
6) Kakuzu
7) Itachi
8) Gaara (well he was resurrected but he technically died!)
9) Jiraya
*10) Kakashi (well, he's not shown to be dead yet but it's looking like that's the case)

In the anime 'InuYasha' I have lost:
1) Bankotsu
2) Jakotsu
3) Suikotsu
4) Renkotsu

In 'Supernatural' I have lost:
1) John Winchester (damn you Kripke!)
2) Sam Winchester (hey, I liked him in Season Two!)
3) Dean Winchester (like a gazillion times)
4) Ash (who is now literally ash)

And those are just the ones I can remember off the top of my head! I'm freakin cursed!!!...that or I really need to stop having the bad guys as my favourite characters. Seriously of those characters above, eleven were the 'bad' guys.

I apologise if I am responsible for the death of one of your favourite characters. I know Veritas is worried. She locked me in Bobby's Panic Room to keep my curse away from Cas....she did leave me this laptop though...

Anywho, I've got fanfiction to post, a meme and a semi-review of a movie that made me cry caus they almost killed JDM's character!
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