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WOOOO!!! Second installment!!! This has words H-K. Also, I've noticed that the pieces are getting longer. SP

Disclaimer: Nup, still don't own them.

*growls* LJ is pissing me off. It keeps making all the text either underlined, italic or bold. Bastards.

Fic after cut.



Heavy: great in weight or force.


Sam’s never really had to carry Dean before. Sure, he’d had to support his brother’s walking with an arm around the waist - usually because of one of Dean’s idiotic, kamikaze attempts to prevent Sam from so much as stubbing his toe – but he’d never had to really carry him, dead weight and all. The few times Dean had been injured severely enough (from, of course, suicidal attempts to save Sam, John or the freakin’ Impala) to warrant it, their dad had picked up the weight, so to speak. But now John could barely walk himself. Using the walls and furniture as supports as he tried to get himself to the door; to the car. Needing those supports because of the bullet Sam had put through his leg only moments earlier.


So, Sam was left to carry Dean. Carry his, now passed out, older brother to the car; to a hospital. And the weight of Dean in his arms, while not light due to the bulk of his muscle, is nothing compared to the weight that’s settled in his stomach. The weight of the knowledge that Dean’s living through this, Dean’s life, is right now depending on Sam. The knowledge that Dean could die. Will die without immediate medical attention.


And suddenly, Sam understands a bit more of his brother. Fits another piece into the puzzle that is Dean. Dean, who always without fail jumps between Sam and anything with the potential danger of a rusty nail. Can understand Dean’s burning desire to keep his family safe, and the way he feels when can’t. Understands Dean because, right now, Sam is knowing what it feels like to have failed to protect someone you love. What it feels like to be responsible for their pain.


And tears make their way down Sam’s cheeks, because Dean is anything but a failure.



Informal: relaxed and casual.


Dean’s an informal person, and Sam loves that about him. Loves how non-bullshit he is with people, loves how he doesn’t hide his opinions or feelings behind social niceties. If Dean doesn’t like you, you’ll know it. Formality just doesn’t suit Dean. It’s too fake. It’s too restricting; traps him into saying or not saying, doing or not doing certain things. And if there’s one thing Dean hates - other than seeing his family hurt; Impala included, or being abandoned, lied to, betrayed or any number of the cruel things that have happened to him in his short life – it’s being trapped. To have no say, no free will and being forced into doing something. (Though how Dean finds that different to living under John, Sam will never understand.)


So his brother goes for informal; casual. Sam can see it in the way he dresses, speaks, even walks. Informality is honest and free. And Sam thinks that’s exactly what Dean is.



Joint: a part of the body where two bones meet and are joined together so that they can move, for example a knee or hip.


Sometimes, Sam looks at Dean and wonders what their screwed up family would do without him. Wonders what kind of damage would be caused if Dean wasn’t there to referee. If Dean wasn’t in the middle every time he and dad argued, pushing them apart. If Dean wasn’t the buffer between the two strikingly similar, but always clashing, personalities.


And Sam thinks he knows when his class studies the human skeleton at school. Dean is the joint in their family. He’s the thing that allows Sam and John to move without hurting each other; without breaking each other.


And so Sam thinks he has a good idea of the kind of damage that would be done if Dean were gone. It would be the same kind of damage as when the cartilage between the bones finally wears down.



King-size: larger than the normal size.


The two singles are more for appearances sake than anything else. Neither of them truly complains when there’s only a queen or king left. They actually prefer it, it makes things easier.


It was probably John that caused it. They were constantly in danger with no one to turn to for comfort when they were younger. Constantly sharing beds because the motels they stayed in didn’t offer three.


They just never really grew out of the need. The ‘phase’ never passed. Ever. Their dad would go on a hunt, leave two beds free, but only one would be used.


So when Sam and Dean pull up at a motel and are told there’s only a king-size bed available…they just smile to each other. No complaints, take the key and move into their home for the week.


Neither of them complains because it makes things easier. A king-size bed makes it easier for them to, in the middle of the night, reach over and make sure the other’s still there and still breathing.


*scratches head* So...there you go. Whatdoya think? Have you noticed how I seem to be having a love affair with the semi-colon regardless of proper use? Also, sneak preview: M is for miracle and Cas makes his debut in N.


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