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Okie dokie, this is probably going to be my only non-fanfiction releated post but meh. So, I watched Rove last night for one reason; Jeffery Dean Morgan was on it to talk about Watchmen. So, just thought I'd share with you some of the things that were said. There's not much here caus he didn't say much, but I honestly don't care caus HE WAS ON AUS TV!!! *swoons*

Interview snippets are after the cut.

Jeffery said that 'Watchmen' is the 'Citizen Kane' of graphic novels and that there was  a lot of pressure to make a good film because they [the actors] didn't "want the wrath of the Comic-con crowd".

Now, you may think that there is nothing sexier than JDM, but I have seen/heard it. And that is Jeffery saying the word "aroused". Yup, he said it. Rove asked a question in relation to the suits they wore and JDM said they could make you feel aroused. He was most likely joking, but it was still bloody hot!

Funny little fact here. There was no fly on JDM's costume. The costume people thought of everything except that he might need to pee. XD

JDM says that the Watchmen could kick X-Men's asses. This was said while the guy who played Nightcrawler from X-Men was on the show as well.

JDM says he has never had a nickname. Oh, come on J, NEVER?!? I'm sure J-squared have one for you.

Finally, the line that made me drool, squee and faint all in one. When asked what he does to be romantic, Jeffery answered as such:
"I like to make my partner feel special. 'Special' being the name I give to my penis."

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