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Title: Simple

Author: necro_omen13

Fandom: Supernatural

Pairings: None

Genre: Tragedy

Warnings: Character death

Summary: It was supposed to be a simple salt and burn…pre-series AU.

Don't own, if I did Ruby would be dead, Sam would have better hair and Dean and Cas would go at it like rabbits.


It was supposed to be a simple salt and burn.

The research had been quick and easy, the supernatural culprit all too clear. There had been no trouble in obtaining records, interviewing family members or locating the grave.

It was supposed to be simple…

But, as he lay bleeding in the dirt, he laughed. When was anything ever simple for the Winchesters? They couldn’t even talk to each other without a war breaking out. If things were simple, his brother and father wouldn’t be states away from him, not even answering his phone calls or responding to his voicemails.

He laughed again, coughing as blood started filling his throat and mouth. He always knew he was useless at hunting, useless without someone to follow; someone to make sure he didn’t screw up. ‘Ah well,’ he thought, ‘at least I can finish this job.

He slowly moved his hand from his chest, blood flowing freer and faster without the pressure, and slipped it into his pocket. He drew a lighter and, with shaking hands, spun the wheel to get a flame. The lighter sparked, but didn’t catch. He tried again, then again. Finally, on the fourth try, a flame appeared and he smiled slightly at his small accomplishment. He turned his head to the right and judged the distance between him and the already salted and flammable open grave. Carefully he threw the lighter and let out a sigh of relief when his aim was true and he heard, saw and even felt the presence of flames.

He dropped his head back to the ground, head spinning and breathing harshly, exhausted by the simple task. ‘Hah. There’s that word again. Pfft. Simple.’ He fought to keep his eyes open, fought to stay conscious and maybe call for help, but he couldn’t.

And, as the darkness closed in around him, the only thought going through his head was that Sammy wasn’t with him, and would never be again.

A/N: Man, there is something bloody wrong with me, I killed Dean!!...AGAIN!!!

Flames will be used to barbeque the jewelled demon slut.

Hope you enjoyed it.


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